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About Us

The House of Crystal was established in 1970 with a commitment to ensuring impeccable quality, personalised service and exclusive craftsmanship.

Today, Crystal Plastics and Metallizing Pvt. Ltd is a market leader in the plastics products segment and manufacture a wide range of products which include Combs, Plastic Combs, Hair Brushes and Hair accessories.
Crystal has a growing clientele across the globe including in the United States, the  African continent, Gulf countries, European Union, Far East Asia  and other parts of the world.


At Crystal, we believe that quality reflects superiority and gives us an edge over the competition and a permanent place in the minds of our customers.

Our vision and values are exemplified by the design, manufacture and export of a variety of hair care products such as combs & brushes.

Over the years, we have earned the title of being a global leader in hair style accessories thanks to our focus on quality, customer-centric design and a fabulous range of product options. We believe in continuous improvement through innovation and hence, stand committed to exploring new horizons through new product ideas and extensions…


At Crystal, we are proud of an unbroken and unparalleled record for being awarded the nation’s highest awards for excellence in exports since 1991!
The awards are sponsored by Plastics Export Promotion Council and conferred by the Government of India. Our achievements directly reflect upon the loyalty and support of our buyers and customers worldwide. No wonder, we remain indebted to them for life

Rated 'SE 2B' by CRISIL. This rating indicates ' High Performance Capabilty and Moderate Financial Strength'.
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